Call, by all means, but just once

don’t use the broken heart again voice;

the I’m sick to death of life and women

and romance voice but with a little help

I’ll try to struggle on voice

Spare me the promise and the curse

voice, the ansafoney Call me, please

when you get in voice, the nobody knows

the trouble I’ve seen voice; the I’d value

your advice voice.

I want the how it was voice;

the call me irresponsible but aren’t I nice voice;

the such a bastard but I warn them in advance voice.

The We all have weaknesses

and mine is being wicked voice

the life’s short and wasting time’s

the only vice voice, the stay in touch,

but out of reach voice. I want to hear

the things it’s better not to broach voice

the things it’s wiser not to voice voice.


From Romance (1994)

Reproduced in the first issue of the Russian Vogue 1999